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Pregnant (Expecting)
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I understand, I've been extremely depressed.
Actually i've been suicidle, and feeling guilty that i'm not happy.
My pregnancy has been extremely hard,
I've been homeless the whole time, and can't get insurance where I'm at.
So I have to relocate, stay in a roach motel soon and then try to find a job to meet an income requirement and maybe finally find a place to live.
Plus where I am sleeping right now is in the middle of NOWHERE
I have cabin fever and Im isolated.
Feeling ugly. I can't dye my hair, I have acne everywhere and I just keep puking and sleeping and crying and I feel sad.
And I asked for help from my family and said how desperately alone I am and that i do feel like ending it all... and my sister just said no one cares. suck it up. smiley face, so i blocked everybody deleted my social media accounts
and I'm now even more isolated because thats all i had.

And my bf is at work all day, so im all alone.
And our love life is going to shit because he's tired and I just feel too heavy and full and gross.

Pregnancy has been the worst thing that has ever happened to me, and at such a horrible time in my life and I feel like i'm not going to be a good mother and I can't provide for my child.

I hope it all works out.
But right now I feel like everything is dark.

You're not alone.

Pregnancy is just hard.

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