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Argh! Those annoying questions...

This is my fifth baby so I'm used to a lot of the annoying questions strangers ask. My favorite is when they ask my DH if this baby is also his fifth right in front of me instead of asking me directly...

Anyways I went to my dentist office to get a cavity filled and unfortunately my regular dentist was out so I saw a different one instead, and who I should note I'll probably never see again because she was an intern that was only going to be there temporarily. She asked me a ton of questions like the usual is this your first? What are the genders of your other kids? How old are they? How far along are you? Do you know the gender of this baby?

Then she went on to ask me further are you happy with that? Um, no I'd prefer to give birth to kittens...

Are you done after this? Why is this your business?

Are you married? Again... see above.

I figured she was just trying to make conversation to keep me distracted from worrying about my dental procedure but really? Kind of personal, don't you think? It gets even better. The assistant with her made two rather annoying comments. First she said "I'm surprised this dental work doesn't put your in labor" (Gee, thanks. How far along do you think I am?) and then "You just go from one torture area to the next."

By golly just fill my tooth.

What are some of the worst things you've ever had said to you or asked during pregnancy?

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I've had people congratulate me on my scan picture (of 1 friggin baby) see me a few weeks later and go 'you sure there's only 1?'
'Yes im really sure you fuckwit im pretty sure by 20 weeks I'd of been in the loop by now if i was carrying twins. And here's another fun fact bellies get bigger when pregnant, this does not mean I've suddenly decided to grow another child magically or eat my body weight in cake, it is simply because i am growing a human who is growing at an astonishing rate and the last time you saw me i was growing no humans so was adequately flat stomached'
Why do people say it when they full well know you have 1 in there? Like it's acceptable just because I'm pregnant to go 'woah you've got fat' .....*******s!

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This is our 3rd and we get asked if it was planned or not. I dont mind saying it was a surprise, but really? It seems like after you have 2 especially if they are boy and girl people expect you to be done having kids.

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This is my first and we did IVF + PGS and only told a few people closest to us. We knew the gender at the time of transfer so I hate when people ask if we were “surprised” when we found out it was a girl. I don’t like to lie but I also don’t feel like I should have to tell everyone the intimate details of our TTC story. I usually just say “kinda!” and quickly change the subject.

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Lol, my friend has 5 and she told me people ( strangers) seem to think it's ok to ask if they are all from the same dad ! That always cracks me up lol

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I'm on my fourth so I totally get it. I'm not having anymore but I constantly get. 'Why did you want so many' Don't you have a TV' 'Are you sad it's another boy?'

How abouttt it's none of your business and I enjoy having my children and they are the best thing I've ever done so go awayyy haha

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My sons name is marshall and i always get asked if he is named after a certian dalmation lol yea xiz ime really gonna name my son after a character from paw patrol lol

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Oh wow those questions are so personal and annoying that she asked you . Some people need to mind their own business !

I have two girls and when people ask me if were going to have any more and I reply yes . They automatically say you want a boy . This kinda annoys me . Id be happy with 3 girls thank you very much . Although a boy would be nice for DH lol

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The human race is stupid, this is my number 5 and I always get did u plan, same dad, you need to get a hobby comments...

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I HATE stupid people and their stupid comments. The number 1 favourite of mine is "what on earth are you going to do with 4 of them?" Oh and "How are you going to cope" that is usually accompanied with "God i don't envy you at all". Makes me so bloody angry. Even though most people are just asking a harmless question, you can't help but feel like its an attack, not only that it's having to justify to people! Me neighbour across the road is lovely but she only has one and she's always saying "i think you're mad, 1 is enough for me" . Next time i might just say just because you can't handle more than 1 doesn't mean we all can't!! Argh rant over lol

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