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I fell over...should i be worried?

So i fell over twice today im this bloody snow!
I've called the midwife and as usual not to panic unless lots of pain, blood etc.
I am in pain but not like excrutiating it just feels like I've pulled my muscles in my stomach which i probably have! Should i be worried? Is baby gonna be okay if i can still feel them moving?
I feel like an idiot going there for a pulled muscle but then think should i risk not being checked over?

Ps i fell on my bum not bump x

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Baby is very well protected in there unless you feel something is really wrong then i wouldnt panic i think thats why there is so much water around the baby before the baby even gets touched there is layers and liters of water the way my midwive put it was put an egg in a ballon and fill it with water if dropped it would stay whole butdepending if you where to fall on the bump so mich pressure might cause a little leak but babys should be fine with ds3 i was doing something tripped fell on my side and what i was carry fell on my bump but children jump on and off mine all the time and apart from a headace im sure baby is fine but if you are worried it is better to get hecked just to ease your mind x

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im sure all is fine i feel like im constantly falling over! iv fallen over like 5 times so far this pregnancy walking the dog because of the weather!

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Old Mar 2nd, 2018, 00:31 AM   4
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You are fine if you didn't fall on your stomach.

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I am sure you ll be fine if you fell on your bum but you can always talk to your midwife for reassurance. I ve read that the risk is when you fall on your belly then yes the baby is well cushioned but it s the placenta that is a risk.

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Agreed. I was rear ended first tri. Walked into table corners cuz depth perception. Spilled boiling water on my bump. I usually argue my way into an appointment haha but everything is always fine and agreed unless you are having bad pain (not cramping but pain) and or fresh bleeding you are good

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I too fell over. They were not to worried asking as no pain etc but because i am rhese negative blood i had to go in for a shot of anti d

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