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Help me plan my baby's clothes!

So my baby brain is just not letting me concentrate, and I can't figure out all the things I need! Please help me work through this

My ds was born in November in the U.K and this baby is due in June, I don't actually have any of his baby stuff as we moved and didn't ship everything. Which brings me to my next point, it's a summer baby in Virginia, USA which gets very hot and humid compared to UK temperatures.

Our house has full central A/C so we can keep it an even, cool temperature...but going out will be a different matter!

Add to the mix that we will be travelling back to the UK in August, and temps could go either way coolish or hot!! And houses don't have A/C.

My brain is in a complete muddle!!

So far Ive only bought two cute onsies that were on sale, in Newborn size! Also we don't know the gender, so I can get get more specific little outfits when we know if baby is a boy or girl, including an outfit for a wedding in August.

So please help me figure out what baby should come home from the hospital in, day wear in the house vs day wear going outside when its hot, what to wear at night and then thoughts about travel!! I know it shouldn't be difficult, but there you go

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Ill be interested in answers too, we only have a British Summer to dress for but my previous babies we October and January so not sure how to dress a newborn in summer either!

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I lived in Virginia for several years and it can get really hot and sticky.

I would recommend a mix of both short sleeve onsies and long sleeves/long pants. Maybe some light jackets too. When you are outside in Virginia in the summer, the little onesies would be your best bet. Anytime you are inside (where it is climate controlled), you may find yourself wanting warmer clothes. It seems every place will have the AC on full blast. Things that you can easily layer on and off might be a good choice. For traveling, I would definitely recommend clothes that are warmer. You can always take the little jacket, etc. off, but more likely than not, the airport and/or plane will probably be chilly.

Hopefully this helps at least a little!

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I've been wondering about this too, DS was an Autumn baby so I bought all long sleeved clothes but this one will be a summer baby and I have no idea what to dress them in either

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Definitely layer! Then you have options! I found light muslins were quite handy to cover DDs legs in the pram on very hot days if she only had a vest on. My DD was born in march in SE England she pretty much just wore a short vest and a sleepsuit until the beginning of June (last winter was very mild, no such luck this time around!) for the wedding outfit, not sure bout the US but you can get cute formal outfits in most clothes shops over here, again layer (although I can't remember having a proper heatwave in august!) for a girl have tights and a cardi handy in case it's a bit chilly. Boys you can get sets that are a vest with bow tie+trousers with braces. I recommend a trip to Primark if you don't mind waiting until you get here!

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My DD was a Summer baby in the UK, and we had a killer heatwave that year! I remember the general advise was one more layer than mum was comfortable in. Mostly, she was in either just a vest or just a nappy, with a lightweight baby gro or a dress/outfit for the day if headed out

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