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Have I gained too much weight?

So pre pregnancy I was about 10stone and Iím 5ft 10 so i was a size 10.
Iím now 23weeks+5 and Iím 11stone Iím still in size 10 maternity clothes.

I donít know if this is too much, according to the internet and various website itís about normal. But I feel I have gained a lot and I mentioned this to my midwife and she said although I donít look like I have gained that much to keep an eye on it because the bigger I get bigger baby could get, then he could get stuck! on the way out.

I just wanted to know what you ladies thought and how much you have gained in pregnancies or so far?

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For as much as I think I've been eating, I've only gained a pound since I found out about my pregnancy. I'm relishing in this, as I know that it's soon to spike. I try to keep my eating as healthy as possible. Bringing fruits and yogurts, nuts and crackers as snacks to work. But sometimes, I cheat and eat whatever I want. So most of the time I feel really gassy and bloated. There's really not much we can do about weight gain, but as long as you're eating healthy and exercising, it won't be so bad in the long run.

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Everyone it different. I’m 5 ft 8 I was 10 stone and a size 10. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I’m now 11st 4 and still in a 10.ur body will gain what it needs to I try and eat healthy but I also still eat bad when I want too. X

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They estimate a healthy weight gain on your bmi. My bmi was higher this time round than with my son and this time I'm more aware of my weight gain. By 20 weeks last time I'd gained well over a stone and this tjme I've reached the stone mark but I'm more active and healthier this time. I feel good in myself and midwives aren't concernee about weight gain as of yet so I'm just being as healthy as i can be and walk as regularly and swim too x

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