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Can't shake this feeling

Does anyone feel like something terrible is going to happen just around the corner? I just can't shake the feeling that everything is just too good to be true.

It took us five losses in the space of thirteen months to have our beautiful, healthy little boy who is almost 16 months old now. This time I feel pregnant on the first month of trying and other than a small bleed at 8 weeks everything has been well with this pregnancy. Touch wood. I've been feeling baby move a whole lot lately so I'm reassured in that sense and I have my 20 week scan next Wednesday. I just can't believe that it can be this "easy" this time. I keep expecting someone to pull the rug out from under my feet.

It doesn't help that in the last two months or so I know of a couple of women who have sadly not been fortunate with either their pregnancies or their baby has had complications once born. Not sure how I can push this anxiety to the side so I can actually enjoy what is likely to be my last pregnancy.

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I kno its hard just try to injoy an easy pregnancy with ds3 i had a owful pregnancy everything that could go wrong did but took a while to full pregnant with this one which is dd1 now and completly different so easy apart from the occasional ache and a few kicks you wouldnt have known i was pregnant well that and minus the bleeding xx

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Itís completely understandable that you feel like this after everything youíve been through.

My advice would be take one day at a time. Set little milestones to get to and focus on each one of those to break up the pregnancy s bit.

I had a late loss last year so can understand how you feel. Try and stay positive (easier said than done I know) xxx

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I know exactly how you feel.

We lost twin boys at 24 weeks then I had two miscarriages. When I got pregnant with my daughter I was a complete wreck. I must of gone through tons and tons of toilet paper checking if I was bleeding literally every two minutes.

I wouldn't buy anything until I got past a certain date, and then I would still hold off thinking I would jinx it if I did.

I went onto have her perfectly fine, then another daughter fine.

Im currently nearly 31 weeks with our third girl and the pregnancy has been text book xxx

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