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Blood results


My blood results came in today at 1 in 1950 for Down syndrome. I understand this is low risk however Iím sure with my daughter it was so much higher?

Has anybody had this before? Such a big change? And maybe lower than what they thought. Iím 29.

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Mine with ds3 was 1 in 115 and only was 22 its all depending on the babys nt fold measurment if scan is done a little earlier might just be the best measurment they could get maybe resulting in a bigger number xx

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I came bsck 1:138 this time. Had private blood test and got all clear. 1:1950 is a brill result. 1:100 us a 1% chance so 1:1950 is what 0.01% or whatever it works out. Sounds like baby is healthy xx

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