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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Real bad anxiety

So the last few weeks ive been extremly bad not depressed i have agraphobia and it does make me think of worst case scenarios so with all the losses i had we struggled to concieve this time round for 8 months and all the midwives was like youve got three boys you most probley cant carry girls my first at 16 weeks was a little girl and it tore me apart now we find out we are expecting a girl my mind is on over drive 'what if she is to preciouse to walk on this earth' every second she is growing is a blessing but im fearing getting to the end and not taking her home im suffering really bad panik and anxiety attacks i just wanna get too 37 weeks and get her in my arms so i kno i can do more to protect her can i request induction early on past experience ive always want to do things natrully but the way my head is working there so many things that can go wrong with natural delievery that i just want them to cut her out so she is here am i just being super crazy she will be my last so i want to do anything and everything propley but the thought that in a few days she is viable and if i dont get to take her home is breaking me xx

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Oh hun im so sorry for your losses. You lost your other little girl at 16 weeks, you are now 2 months further along with this one if there was any truth in what that midwife said i doubt you would of made it this far! Thats what you have to try abd remind yourself of. I am unfortunately a sufferer of chronic anxiety/OCD so i completely understand and get your trail of thoughts on this. Sometimes no matter how much logic people tell you, it doesn't make one bit of difference. You aren't alone in that.
I do believe you can now choose to have a c section as two of my friends have. One was due to a late miscarriage at 21 weeks and she was a complete nervous wreck the entire pregnancy after her last one. I think they do it around 39 weeks though don't know if they would do 37 weeks unless a medical reason. Hope this helps a bit x

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