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High anterior placenta

I'm 22 weeks and I still feel like I am not feeling as much movement with this baby as I did with DS. I do feel movements and kicks so I'm not overly worried but they do feel less than what I experienced with DS and being a worrier it leaves me feeling uneasy. DS was a big wriggler and kicker although maybe I'm just remembering the latter stages of pregnancy.

The only real difference (other than them simply being different wee people ) is that this time around I have a high anterior placenta. It explains a lot, I think, as I do feel a lot of my movements low down.

I'm just wondering if those who have or have had an anterior placenta felt the same? Just looking for a little reassurance that it is normal from someone who has been there!

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This pregnancy and my last both had anterior placentas and I didn't feel as much movement as with my first. But I will say the movements I do feel are intense lol

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Ive got an antieria placenta this time around never had it with all my boys never really started feeling movents till early 20 weeks xx

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This is my first so I have no frame of reference for anything else, but I have an anterior placenta and most movements I feel are quite low still. Little girl is very active and strong and I feel her often (sporadically throughout the day at work), especially at night or when I lay down. DH just started being able to feel clear movements from the outside in the last week. Before this past week he would feel her once a day, maybe, but sometimes not. Now he'll put his hand on my belly and feel 6-7 strong kicks or movements in a row.

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I also have a high anterior placenta this time. I remember feeling my other kids a lot more by my belly button at this stage. Right now, baby boy is breech so I feel a lot of movement and kicking down low. Im hoping to feel movements a little higher up as my uterus grows and hopefully be turns. My bladder is taking a beating!

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