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Define uterine discomfort?

Hello ladies!

So I'm wondering - As your uterus stretches and pulls, etc, you hear your midwives/OBs say to expect discomfort. What pains/sensations have you personally felt?

The past two weeks or so I've felt what I can only describe as a quick burning sensation in the front near the bottom of my bump. It comes and goes randomly and only lasts for a few seconds at a time, and is more slightly irritating than painful. Is this typical stretching discomfort? (I'm 17w4d)

This is my first pregnancy and I have a fibroid plus very minor placenta previa, so I've been bleeding a lot and I'm totally confused as to what's normally pregnancy pains vs something related to the issues I've been having. I'm trying not to be anxious about it but everything's been pretty nerve wracking so far!

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Do you mean round ligament pains? I've been feeling this every other week, up to every 2 weeks, accompanied with mild cramping. Mine is mainly on my right side and to me it feels like an overworked muscle or simply strained muscle. It practically laid me out for a day, it just hurt to move around and get stuff done. But I haven't had any burning sensation stuff happen yet.

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I can't quite describe the feeling, but I guess it does feel sometimes like a mild burning low down where its stretching, I feel quite sore if I'm particular gassy/bloated that day too, as I'm stretching even more so.

Sometimes if I stand up too fast, I'm assuming because of the muscles being stretched as they are, I get a sharp pain lower tummy/pubic bone area.

If you're unsure, describe it to the midwife and she can always just check it out for you xxx

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