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Pregnant (Expecting)
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OMG I am feeling your pain I have fibromyalgia and amid the chronic pain and chronic fatigue I have in daily life I now have the general aches of the pregnancy, I struggle to do anything and when I say I'm ready to fast forward to the end I get funny looks nd my partner has been excellent, he's my carer anyway so he's home all the time, but he's starting to get really snappy and I feel terrible that all the pressure is on him but I can't physically do more then I already can. I feel for you though because I know how awful spd is.! Hope it gets better for u all x

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Thanks catmum! I can't imagine have fibromyalgia on top of this!!=( thats nuts! Yesterday was a huge struggle trying to just keep the house clean that i finally gave up. It will be clean again one day!

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