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Baby movements?

I'm 14 weeks and expecting twins! I haven't felt any movements or kicking yet? My doctor I am seeing said i probably won't feel anything until around 20 weeks. I know they are active as I have had two ultrasounds already but I want to feel them!! Looking for anyone else's experience with twin pregnancies

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14 weeks with twins as well and I've been feeling movement since before 10 weeks. Itbwasnr faint and infrequent but is becoming stronger without me having to be still and concentrate.
But I've felt my other three all early too. 14+3 with my first, 12ish with my second and 10w with my third. I was actually feeling his movements stronger by 12 weeks than I'm feeling now with the twins

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I always felt regular movements from exactly 15 weeks. Not flutters, full on movement that could be felt if someone put their hands on my stomach. Never felt flutters. With this pregnancy (twins) I felt maybe three days earlier than 15 weeks? Not much difference... but now they never stop moving and I can only imagine it's going to get more crazy!

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Im 15 weeks with a singleton right now and started feeling her about 10 days ago. With my twins, i was sure I was feeling them at about 15 weeks. But overall throughout the entire pregnancy I felt like I was feeling them less and not as strong as someone with only a singleton. In the early days I would even feel them everyday and with this baby I think I feel her like everyday since I started noticing movements. Its just strange how i would think with two babies you would feel more, but for me it wasnt the case.

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