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Anterior placenta :(

I have an anterior placenta (4th time now). Iíve never had a pregnancy where the placenta hasnít been anterior but this is by far the worst one. My placenta is covering the ENTIRE of my front and top, leaving the tiniest bit right at the very bottom left uncovered. I feel tiny movements in this area every so often but thatís it, nothing regular and nothing specific, just tiny prods now and again if Iím sat in a certain position.

Iím starting to get angry and frustrated as I canít relax because I want to know heís okay but barely feeling movement makes me anxious.
I had my anomaly scan yesterday and everything is looking okay, apart from she couldnít see his heart and stomach as he was in a funny position so I have to go back in 2 weeks.

I just want to relax and feel calm and happy and positive but I canít I have a Doppler but that doesnít help when Iím out and not near it

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Ah my last 2 pregnancies have been anterior and I get your frustration! Iíve not felt any kicks or movement yet which is annoying as itís so reassuring when they start.

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Oh I am sorry
My placenta has been anterior in both pregnancies but I've been lucky enough that it's not affected me feeling movement too much so I can't imagine how stressful it must be to not feel anything. Hopefully once he gets a bit bigger then you'll be able to feel him a lot more x

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Cookie- I am so sorry you are going through this. I wonder if the anterior placenta inhibits the Doppler as well... as now the placenta is growing and maybe the Doppler just cant pick up the HB as well.

Hoping he gets a little bigger and stronger soon and you can feel him more often.

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I have this same problem now. I have my ultrasound on the 9th and i cant wait to see if he is okay. My mind keeps telling me something is wrong but his heartbeat is fine. I had anterior placenta with my daughter but i could feel her. This baby i cant even get good kicks or hits everyday. Yesterday i tried so hard to get him to move fot me and still nothing. I feel for you!! This sucks big time and really putting a damper on my mood.

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I've had an anterior placenta only once with my fifth baby and I'm now preggo with my 6th, it totally sucks in so sorry you always haveit! When ihad it I didn't feel movements until 28 weeks it was horrible so I feel for you what i would do was get my husband to put his mouth on my tummy and make like fog horn noises (he has a very deep voice) as loud ashe could and that wouldget the baby moving big movements like flipping and I'd feel a little bit bit that's asnot it!! Sorry hunn big hugs!!!

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