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Same here, I'd hate to be starkers, but as other ladies have said you'll probably not care to much once your in the midst of labour! I'll definitely be wearing some sort of nightie/tshirt etc, and if I can have a water birth, I'll wear a tankini top/boob tubey thingy as it's my boobies I'm most shy about!

I wonder if you get time alone after the birth with hubby and baby in the labour room with no one else around?? I want to have that skin to skin thing with baby and BF, but I really don't want an audience when I'm doing it so I'll put that in my birth plan and see if we can work around it!

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I never thought about being completely naked...I wasn't with my son anyway. I wore a hospital gown and that was grand. Agreed with the others, you won't care when you're in labor (most likely).

On the separate subject of being comfortable in your own skin, I think it's worth exploring that whole side of yourself, just for the sake of your own self-esteem and well-being. Not to say anyone has to feel comfortable naked in front of strangers or their mom, but just to feel generally happy in your own skin (and definitely in front of one's own husband as one poster said!). Believe me, coming from years of bulimia and body issues, I DO get where you're coming from. It really is worth the effort to get to the bottom of it though and get to where you're comfortable and happy with yourself.

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I know how you feel and I was determined to stay covered up all the time I was in labour,I was wearing a hospital gown when I walked down to labor suite but when I was sick on it because of the gas and air i didnt bother putting another one on!Eevryone says it,and I didnt believe it but you wont care who comes in when you are in labour.

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just browsing from first tri...
I gave birth in a mens XXXL t-shirt with DD!! She fitted up inside for skin to skin after delivery

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I'm a prude too, and was adament no-one would see me naked giving birth - but when dh said he would close the curtains (labour suite is on the ground floor) I told him I couldn't care less who saw me.
My prudish ways have returned since lol

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i gave birth in a t-shirt and had sheet over my legs i didnt move much as drugged up and on gas and air

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Im with you!! I gave birth in along t way was I being naked! lol and will do the same again..but as others have said, you wont care once you are labour.

Its funny you should write this thread as yesterday I went for my 1st NHS scan and was made feelvery embarrassed by the sonographer. I took my 11 yr old son who is going through puberty and I was asked in front of him to pull my trousers and my knickers down to my thighs (near my knees). Now...I did not do this at my private scan at 11 weeks and thought the NHS one would be the same. I had to be quite rude to her in the end as she obviously thought it was normal for an 11yr old to see his mums lady bits. I dont think so dear.
In the end, she pulled the curtain across so I could at least try and cover myself up with the blue roll she eventually offered me!! Why on earth did she think it was normal for me to lie there with my kecks down to my knees in front of my son??? And since when do you pull your underwear down to your knees anyway for a scan??? Hell knows, but she was a total cow.

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omg she made you strip from the waist for a scan? sounds a bit bloody weird to me, no way i would do that

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My Mom is going to be at the birth along with DH. I have three tattoos (one on each butt cheek ) and one on my waist that she does not know about. I figured that there is no way she won't see them so I guess we will have to have a little talk sometime

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I wasnt naked as such, I had no idea what I was wearing because let me tell you - you wont care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After birth, I looked to see what i was wearing.....

my top and bump band were under my boobs. I dunno how. Havent the foggiest. No trousers.

I really didnt care, after all that!

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