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Best black leggings without being see through? Any recomendations?

Hi ladies!

My jeans haven't been able to button up for a while, my jeggings are getting tight too! Under bump jeans are not comfortable, and I haven't got enough of a bump for over the bump jeans either. Plus not ideal in hot weather.

I bought some leggings from ASOS in 2014, they were PERFECT, lasted from when I was a tiny size 6, all the way to a big size 12, and even with the stretch, they weren't see through at all! They've changed the cut of them, and the material and they're as thin as tissue paper and you can see my tattoo very clearly through them. Sent them back. Tried topshop, horrible cut, quite thin too. Can't remember if I tried New look but their regular leggings arent that thick either.

Any recommendations? I like the type of maternity leggings that can literally be worn from as early as 8 weeks when there's practically no bump, they're not baggy on the bump with the cut of the material if that makes sense? They just stretch. The type I can wear afterwards while losing weight too!

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Iím wearing matalan leggings at the mo £6 very stretchy etc and not seethrough.
Open to more recommendations though so will be following!

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I have some really thick ones from tesco that I wear for work and new look does some with zips on the side which are thick and look like jeggings

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I am currently living in some primark £6 jeggings. The top folds over a little under my bump now, but still very wearable. I bought them one size up and they fit great (have been wearing them from 10 weeks)

They are a little short mind you as only come in length 30, but beggars canít be choosers.

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I dont know much about the UK but if they have walmart there I just recently bought a few pairs of their brand capri leggins and 6 usd each they are super soft and they go over my bump I bought a size up

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I find New Look's maternity leggings are fab. I think they're about £15 for a double pack. There are two different types though, the ones in store seem to be thinner material, not quite see-through but if you wore bright white undies with them they may show! The ones online where there's a choice between double black or one black one grey pair are thicker material, but still not too thick for summer and definitely not see-through

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