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Vitamin B12


I've just had a brief call off my midwife who said my last blood results were bit low etc and she asked if I'd ever had vitamin B12 injections before. She then said the Doctor should be in contact with me to arrange about it all.
I then made the mistake of googling it and am now in a complete panic.
The doctors surgery said a letter has been sent to the hospital and I just have to wait to hear from the Doctor.

I'm panicking so much..... has anyone else had this or any experience with it?

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Hi there - please donít panic. Itís good they have you on the right track. I had low b12 before pregnancy with my son so I was already on twice a month injections. Luckily I maintained on just twice a month while pregnant and all was fine.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions or worrie though and Iíll try to help

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I often get B12 injections some people are less efficient at digesting it so pills won't work.

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