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Movement at 18 weeks

Can you tell me what kind of movement you are feeling at 18 weeks and how often you are feeling it? I felt movement with my first from 14 weeks and my second from 21 weeks and I can't remember what it felt like!

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Mum (Mom)
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I had flutters that felt like a marble rolling in my belly and little kicks that felt like little pops. I'm not pregnant now so don't remember how often!

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I think i just felt my first movements this weekend - felt like a couple of little "pops". Once it was 2 in a row and the other two times just one little "pop".

FTM so not positive but felt very confident that is what i was feeling!!

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I have had flutters since 13 weeks , then I felt little pops around 16 weeks and the last week I started to feel the baby kick a little stronger and more rolling sensations

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azure girl
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I mostly feel little kicking pops. I can lightly feel them with my hand sometimes. Not many rolls here, just soft kicks.

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I have felt tiny little movements since about 11 weeks, like a tiny wriggling sensation. At the moment at just more than 16 weeks I can feel tiny kicks which feel like I’m being flicked by tiny fingers, and some wriggling still

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