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Hyperemesis in subsequent pregnancies?

Has anyone had hyperemesis in their first pregnancy and not in the next? Or vice versa. I keep waiting for it to come as it was so severe with my daughter, had it right up until I gave birth. Iím now nearly 7 weeks and have only been sick once, and I think thatís because my stomach was so empty. I feel a bit nauseous occasionally but it passes. I was hospitalised by this point last time!

Anyone else have such different pregnancies? Did gender have anything to do with it? I canít think of any other variable! (Except a different partner but that wouldnít have any bearing on how my body reacts to pregnancy..)

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I had severe hg with my first two pregnancies (I had a boy, then a girl) that lasted almost 6 months each time. This pregnancy, the early weeks felt like it was going to be the same thing, but I have felt so much better the last 2-3 weeks that I've actually been terrified something is wrong! I've had 2 ultrasounds, and found the hb on doppler yesterday, so things seem okay. I'm still extremely nauseous most of the time, but have only been vomiting 1-2 times per day, with occasional days where I haven't at all. I keep waiting for it to get worse again, but maybe we will both be lucky this time.

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I had it till 20 something weeks on first.till I gave birth on my second and I was constantly in hospital I lost so much weight,they were both boys I’m 16 weeks now and it’s easing this is by far my best pregnancy even though Iv still been bad nothing compared to baby 2

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1st pregnancy - 'mild' hg. Hit hardest from 10-12 weeks when I was in bed. Significantly better by the end of 13 weeks.

2nd pregnancy - Rotten morning sickness but could still more or less keep food and liquids down and carry on some degree of normal activity. Sickness improved from 10 weeks.

3rd pregnancy - similar to 2nd but sharp decline in symptoms at 9 weeks. Found out at 10 weeks we had lost baby a week before.

4th pregnancy- bad hg from 7-13 weeks then started to improve.

5th pregnancy - this has been the worst pregnancy of all. In bed since 5 weeks. 10 weeks now and on zophran and iv drip which are just about keeping me alive. OH is getting a vasectomy, lol.

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Mine is opposite - both my previous two pregnancies have been normal amounts of MS, and this third one is HG. Itís not gender related as I already have a boy and a girl. I just think every pregnancy is different. Hopefully yours stays away.

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