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That is what I loved about being at home. Own environment, own comforts, own shower and bed after. Some people say it's not fair to put your own comfort before baby's welfare and of course if there was a good reason I would go to hospital. But the statistics for hb is that it is very safe. And surely a mother who is comfortable with her environment in labour has a better chance of a smooth labour, less interventions, less need of drugs etc. Which ultimately is better for mother and baby. Being in your house after means being more comfortable, getting better sleep etc which helps with bonding time with baby and breastfeeding etc. And of course less germs

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Precisely. And there’s also the possibility I may be able to have acupuncture at home for pain management. I didn’t have anything with my first because it wasn’t explained to me, so I didn’t feel I had any options. With DS2 I had some gas & air, DD a tiny amount of gas & air but didn’t feel I needed it with her. Hoping and praying this one will be like DD! I wouldn’t put them at risk by being at home, but I won’t be put off by scaremongering if I end up with a consultant like that

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