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Food poisoning

I believe I got food poisoning from a chicken Caesar wrap from a cafe at a park. Diarrhea started that night with vomiting the next day and tummy cramps.Feeling a bit better today and all of that has stopped except for a quesy tummy. The worst symptoms lasted 24 hours. No one in my house got sick but I do know thereís a GI bug going around but I canít say for sure what it was.

Iíve made an appt tomorrow with my OB and will discuss but Iím a little freaked out about listeria. Hopefully Iím worrying for nothing. Any advice or words of comfort are appreciated.

Im 15w2d so not feeling movement yet.


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It's probably just the bug going around and you got sick because your immune system is really low. I'm pretty sure listeria lasts longer than 24 hours and has more symptoms, like a fever, than you describe.

It's good that you are going to the doctor tomorrow, but I'm sure everything is ok. Do you have a Doppler?

Listeria is in things like lunch meat (unless heated until steaming), improperly cleaned produce and improperly cleaned soft serve ice cream machines, so if you are worried you can avoid those things in the future. I know that most people eat those things and they are fine, but I am in the "better safe than sorry" camp because it only takes one time and in recent years there have been outbreaks near me.

I'm sure you are fine and it is just a bug based on your symptoms, but still it's no fun! Drink plenty of fluids and do everything else you would do for a tummy bug. Hope you feel better soon.

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