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Braxton hicks, baby moving, or growing uterus?

This is my second pregnancy, and I cannot remember for the life of me what Braxton hicks feel like.

This week (21+4) I've noticed I'll randomly get this tightening in my belly/uterus. Normally, the baby is low, and I thought maybe she was balling up toward the top of my uterus because I seem to feel most of the sensation around my belly button. It lasts for a few seconds and comes randomly. Mostly, it's when I'm sitting and relaxed, which is when she seems most active. Sometimes I'll go a whole day and not notice any, and none are strong enough to wake me at night.

Could this be baby moving or Braxton Hicks? I told OB about it on Monday and said I thought I could feel baby balling up and rolling and she said a lot of women describe it as a slight pressure, which is what I'd say this is. Not really painful, just uncomfortable.

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Sounds like BH to me... mine started at 18 weeks with last baby and felt exactly like this

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Sounds like BH to me!

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I have a very low baby, and I was kind of experiencing the same thing.
I got all checked up and except for a few contractions (unrelated to the feelings you've described above tho, it was a whole other situation that happened), the rest was BH. And I was having exactly those kind of feelings, so I'd say BH too.

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