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Feeling pudgy at 16 weeks

Hi ladies,

This is just some self-indulgent whining about the awkward in between phase of pregnancy.

I've only gained one pound, but I'm just feeling SO gross about my body these days - much more than in my past pregnancies. I was prepared for my belly to pop earlier with baby #3, but right now I have more of a blob than a bump. I think I look like I COULD be pregnant, or maybe I just ate too many pancakes at breakfast. None of my regular clothes are comfortable or flattering, but the maternity clothes still just look silly. It's also summer where I live, so very hot and humid, which adds a sticky sweaty element to it all. I'm hoping this passes in the next week or so, and I can move on to feeling at least a little bit cute and pregnant. Sigh.

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Right there with you! Iíll be 14 weeks tomorrow and I feel so BLAH about my pudge. Iím a small person and hoped I would be showing by now, especially since this is baby #2. I get bloated at night and look like Iím just super out of shape in the belly area. I can see a slight rounding of my lower belly, but not enough to really say ďpregnantĒ. And I donít feel comfortable in regular clothes or maternity clothes. Ahh, the in between phase is just so much fun.

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I'm right there with you! I've got the teensiest hint of a bump, not enough to get into my maternity clothes (except my early pregnancy jeans with the short elastic) but my regular clothes are beginning to get awkward/uncomfortable. Most people can't tell I have any sort of a bump at all. It mostly looks like I've got gas. I always call this the "Is she pregnant or just chubby?" stage, and I'm looking forward to leaving it behind!

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I feel you. I do not look pregnant right now unless it's late in the day after eating all my meals. To me it looks like I just have a gut. I'm still in between my pre-pregnancy clothes and maternity clothes so I never feel comfortable no matter what I am wearing.

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