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Yay! Hopping over from First Tri! <3

Hi everyone!
Super excited to be joining this thread I'm 14 weeks on the dot today and currently on Team yellow! I've got a small bump so far and the headaches and light sensitivity are beginning. I don't know when I'll feel little one kick due to an anterior placenta, but I'm excited to be here either way!

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Welcome!!! I will 17 weeks on Saturday! When is your due date?

I had my 16 week appointment 2 days ago and baby is super active. This is my first and I have been feeling it since 15 weeks and 4 days. Doc confirmed it when I pointed exactly where they should be looking for the heartbeat and sure enough, baby was right where I pointed. My biggest complain has been the headaches, I got an eye mask from amazon that you pop in the freezer and I found it helps, if i gets horrible or I have to go to work I might take a paracetamol. Heartburn has return with a vengeance! Other than just happy to be here after 2 years of heartbreak!

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