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20 weeks with #2, bump same as bump pics at 28 w with#1

I'm big this round, lol. Some memory photos "on this day 4 years ago" showed up in my phone. I looked and I had the same size body/belly at 28 weeks pregnant with DD as I do now at 20 weeks with DD to be #2. At my anatomy scan last week she was measuring exactly on target, so she isn't large. I'm just large! My weight is no different than 20 weeks in my first pregnancy. So this is just a matter of muscle weakness I think.

I'm going to be huge aren't I? Lol

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I'm 18 weeks and feel huge this time around! Yesterday someone asked me if I was sure I wasn't having twins. I think our bodies just know what to do so they are showing off!

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My OB tells me every visit that subsequent pregnancies tend to show earlier and more dramatically than the previous.

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14 weeks here and I looked at my previous bump pictures and I'm about the size I was at 20-ish weeks now. I've also gained a lot of weight which may be affecting it but I feel huge already.

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I'm 15 weeks and look about 6 months. Once you have a few those muscles just go straight back out to what they've been stretched to.

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