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Had my appointment today. Looks like it has cleared up! and I got a bonus treat! Team Pink!!!! Its a girl!

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Congrats on the girl!

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Congrats on your baby girl. I get recurring ones as well. Mine sting so so badly I can't stand it, and I've had five natural births lol. The constant burning when you pee and the afterwards feeling of pain and inflammation. Horrid. I always find guzzling a pint of water then another one shortly after seems to help. When my bladder fills up somehow it stops the pain being as bad. A hot bath that doesn't reach your tummy is great too as is a hot water bottle. I feel for you I hope this is the last of them. Cranberry juice can make things worse and is really only used as a preventative so you don't get them regularly. Best thing is water water water it flushes out the bacteria and kidneys too because you definitely don't want it to turn into a kidney infection. Don't be worried if the antibiotics give you the runs or even thrush. Coconut oil is great for thrush, not so much the runs though. Best of luck!

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