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Birthing classes- which one should I do?

Hi ladies! Iím 18 weeks with baby #2. My first baby was a hospital birth, with OB, they swept my membranes, gave me pitocin, had epidural, and lay in bed the whole time.

This time I want a more natural birth:
1) no interventions- let my body guide me
2) no pain meds
3) be able to walk around/ labor in the tub/ take showers to manage stress and pain.

Iím not sure which birthing class to take and I was hoping you ladies had some insight.

Some things:
Having th baby in a hospital but with a midwife this time.
Hubby, my mom and my MIL will be in the room with me. Hubby with be main support and will attend class with me.
I was begging for an epidural at 3cm with my first. I want to avoid that.

Advice? Thanks!

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My friend has recommended Daisy Birthing to me (UK). She has had two drug-free water births in her local Midwife Unit. Although I’m not going to lie to you, the best advice I could give anyone is to take the drugs!!! I’ll be having a third epidural this time and will end up with the same end result as I would if I had a drug-free birth. I’m a softy and much prefer to have pain-free births!!

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I had an epidural during my first and went without after being induced with my second and third, and plan to go without this time. I would suggest some birthing classes for breathing techniques. It's going to hurt, there's no way around that, what you have to work on is managing the pain and remembering to take one contraction at a time. When it's getting unbearable you're probably pretty close to the end.

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