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Spotting =/

Hello lovely ladies,as the title says I have some spotting.
I went to see my Ob for a normal prenatal appointment this morning and I discussed with the doctor I saw that I had been spotting off and on since 15 weeks .... he dismissed it saying it's nothing to worry about... well now flash forward a couple hours later and I'm now spotting again but this time its pink/red ,=(
The ob I saw this morning was filling in for my normal ob who is on maternity leave. Now I'm at a loss of what to do =/ I'm so worried something is wrong and him not checking it is making it worse

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Can you call and tell them you want to be checked over because you've had more spotting?

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Definitely call if it's getting worse and you're feeling concerned. I had a nurse tell me once that they'd rather be bothered a lot over nothing than not called at all and miss out on something serious.

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Mama knows best. If you feel like you need a scan to be sure that everything is okay then fight for it!

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