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Friable Cervix

Good morning ladies I just figured I would go ahead and update on my spotting post .i went to see my normal midwife Friday and she went ahead and swabbed me for infection which came back negative ! She said my cervix was still nice and long, thick at closed but, the outer rim of my cervix was aggravated, which is where my spotting was coming from and she diagnosed me with a friable cervix . Does any one have any experience with this ? What should I expect ?
Does this mean I should worry about IC

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It just literally means that it's more prone to irritation. Don't worry about it. Irritation isn't cause for concern. Could happen from sex.

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Same answer as above. Just means it can get irritated easier. If this helps ease your worries - my midwife told me that if you have an IC, you will know from your first pregnancy. It's not possible to have healthy children and then develop an incompetent cervix. So you are safe!

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