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Anterior placenta and movements?


Iím 17.5 weeks with my second baby and by this point with my daughter I had felt proper kicks regularly. This time Iíve barely felt a flutter, the occasional something but itís probably wind or something. How much of this could be down to the fact I have an anterior placenta this time? She said itís quite thick also (3cm Iím sure she said?). Iím a bit disheartened as youíre supposed to feel it earlier with your second! Has anyone had an anterior placenta in a subsequent pregnancy and when did you feel movement compared to your first?

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Hi fuzzy,
I also have an anterior placenta and am 17&5 days as well. I don't feel the baby move either and it's pretty normal to feel anything much later, say around 20-23 weeks according to my doctor. with my other two previous pregnancies I felt them earlier too, but they were not anterior at all. hang in there, I know it's pretty nerve wracking but I'm sure the bubs is doing ok

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I have an anterior placenta this time around. I am 23 weeks pregnant and have been feeling movements since 16 1/2 weeks like with my first, just much lower. Took longer before DH could feel them though

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I have an anterior placenta this time, had it with my third as well and I starting feeling flutters around 10 or 11w, but real proper kicks and rolls I didn't really feel too strongly until after 20w, and I couldn't see or feel from the outside until about 21w. Movements are still pretty muffled in the front for me now but I can feel lots of squirming and kicking on the sides of my bump.

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This is my 4th baby but first time with an anterior placenta and I didn't start feeling proper movement until 21 weeks.i was pretty bummed and worried until I had my 20 week scan.

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Yup me! This is my third pg with Anterior Placenta but my 2nd pg was aswell & because of that, i didn’t feel anything really until 17/18 wks & even then it was a random odd poke & that was it by the time 20 wks had arrived & now at nearly 22wks im feeling lotsa pokes, kicks & somersault things, it sucks a bit as i was looking forward to much earlier movement from like 15/16 wks! But as long as baby is all fine In there i guess thats all that counts

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