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Posterior Placenta?

HI ladies, just wondering what exactly is posterior placenta? Is this a bad thing? I had a private ultrasound done this week and noticed they wrote Posterior Placenta, Grade 0, No previa.....what exactly does this mean? Is my baby in any kind of danger? Thanks in advance for your answers

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That just means that your placenta is toward the back of your uterus. It's actually the perfect location as when it's anterior (front of uterus) you usually can't feel baby as much. Either case doesn't affect baby, just how much you'll feel bubs move around.

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That means your placenta is in a gooood place...Mine is posterior too The 'no previa' part means it's not sitting low - eg over your cervix, meaning you would have to have regular scans to make sure it moves (that makes it sounds like it crawls around ) so you could give birth naturally.


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