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Burning hot red cheeks . . . ???

For the past week my cheeks are really hot to the touch and feel really flushed like there burning.

It mainly happens at night i have never had it in my life before so im thinking its pregnancy related?

anyone else?

Also this is unrelated but ive had thrush for a few weeks now finally went to my go today to get some caneston,
i mentioned to him that id been having this all over body itching also espeically at night and he wants me to have a blood test for something to do with my liver begining with c?

THEN i went to the chemist and as i went to collect my perscription the pharmacist said have i been tested for my glucose levels and i thought why would he say that??

Really confused! :s

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the flushed cheeks could be down too the pregnancy hormones and because your heart has to beat faster now to pump more blood around you and the baby.

the all over body iching could just be down to rise in body temp, or could be something that is to do with the liver which means it may not be working properly

dont know what would of made ur pharmestist ask that for im as confused as you there

chin up hun and dont worry too much im sure everythings fine xXx

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My cheeks have been burning up too! I hate it haha x

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This is really funny but I am having my first hot flush just reading this thread!!!! Hahaha!!!!! PHEW!!

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