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The worst headache ever...

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone is having major headaches at the moment?? I've had a sort of 'niggling' headache on and off for the past couple of weeks but it's now developed into a full blown migraine

I'm a bit of a headachy person anyway but I haven't had anything like this since I was about 13! Last night I had loads of visual flickering and then my hand a mouth went numb. I was absolutely crapping myself

Went to see the GP this morning and she said it is likely to be a hormonal thing (I'm 15 weeks today) but she could only give me co-codamol which haven't even touched it. She also thinks stress could be making it worse (I'm having an amnio next week) so she's signed me off work for 2 weeks.

Just feeling really low and fed up. I wanted so much to enjoy this pregnancy and now I feel like its all going wrong Sorry for the rant!!!

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Sorry to hear this
But yeah the headaches are normal, and I never got them much before but since about 13 weeks, I got atleast 2 full blown migraines a week up until this week, fingers crossed! Paracetamol doesn't work on mine and the doctor wouldn't even consider giving me anything stronger. I find that going to bed just being in the quiet and dark for an hour can help. Also those gel eye masks you get that you can put in the fridge work really well if its a migraine that affects your eyes. I've been told that its just one of those things and hopefully as the hormones settle down in a few weeks they'll ease off, and I'm hoping that's what has happened to me.

I think us mummys-to-be deserve medals sometimes for the amount of poo stuff we have to go through!

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