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18 weeks and pain in left side! ;(

Ouch!!! any one experiencing pain in the lower left side of their tummies??
I know we are suppose to feel the ligaments stretching but Ahhh so uncomfortable! ;(

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yea I get it all the time stops me from sleeping! The doctors just said it was the joys of pregnancy xxx

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some pain but nothing too major, just stretching i put it down to, baby growing rapid now, i would'nt worry too much but if u too uncomfortable go see your midwife, that is what they are there for, take care hun x

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major pain in my lower left side... sever round ligament stretching. ouch is right, sometimes it hurts so much i can't walk well or my lower back gets soar too. i get it and it lasts for 2 days then it passes, then comes back. get your OH do give that tendon a good rub, it feels better after.

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