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When to baptize your baby...

Okay ladies I don't want this discussion to get out of hand

I just want your personal opinion on when you'd have your child baptize. I don't have an official church home at the moment and personally I wasn't baptized until I was 12. I'm not sure my parents did that on purpose or not but I can say that at that age I understood the concept of religion, our Lord and Savior, and the depth of a person's morality.

I was READY to develop a personal relationship with God mentally and emotionally. I understood what the significance of my baptism was all about. I wanted to assume the complete responsibility of the salvation of my soul. I think I want to wait until my daughter understands these things too before I have her baptized.

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It definitely depends on the religion... some religions believe in infant baptism, while others believe in a full immersion baptism. Some parents leave it completely up to the child.

I personally believe in full immersion baptism and I want my child to understand what he/she is doing. I will do my best to raise my child in church and to believe in God, and I will pray for the day she says "mom, I want to get baptized"

So, not to draw this out too long.. lol... some people will wait until their child can be fully immersed in water (with or without their understanding of what they are doing) and some will wait longer. In my church we have both sets of parents (the ones who want their child baptized as soon as they can be fully immersed, and those who wait until the child asks) Typical age of baptism where I am starts at around 5 years old, up to adults

But I agree with you, I want to wait until my child feels she understands.

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My church practices Believers Baptism by full immersion only. I do not think that babies/young children can make a conscious decision to accept Jesus as their saviour.
My church will do a 'baby thanksgiving' for babies/children of church members only, where we thank God and ask Him to bless the young family.

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as i belong to the baptist denomination of christianity (currently without a church home ) i believe in believer's baptism and not infant baptism. my child will therefore only be baptized when she herself decides that she wants to live her life led by the Lord.

i grew up in an atheist family and was not introduced to religion up to the time when i was 16 and spend a year abroad as an exchange student in the USA. 9 months later my heart was touched and i was saved. the sensation i felt a couple of days after i opened my heart and mind to God (after strongly opposing the views i was introduced to for months) was so "out of this world" that i just "had" to accept, that HE is real! shortly after, i was baptized.

i want my child to grow up in an environment based on christian values (although me being a single mum won't be the greatest example), but i also want her to be able to understand ALL meaning behind it and to understand that there are other opinions out there as well, before she decides. i want to be her guide along the way, but i don't believe that in the end, whether or not or WHEN she will be saved and baptized is in my hands, to be honest.

my personal opinion and due to still struggling being the only believer in an atheist family, i accept all others

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My CHild will be baptised as an infant as I am catholic and it is the way we do it.I hope whatever decision you make yo're happy with all the best to you with your LO xx

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My baby will be baptised as in infant as im catholic but i will let my child decide if they want to have there first communion and confirmation.

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Originally Posted by lozzy21 View Post
My baby will be baptised as in infant as im catholic but i will let my child decide if they want to have there first communion and confirmation.
Same here, I'm lucky that my mother in law is a priest, not a catholic one (of course...) but I don't mind. We'll baptize my little girl in my parent's house when she's around 3 months old.
She can decide if or what to believe when she grows up, but I will certainly won't try and impose any views on her. In fact, I'm not a practicing Catholic, so I would be a pretty bad example to follow...

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in my family as we were born catholic we were all baptised as babies

however, because of my personal opinion which i wont go into because i dont want to start a controversial thread, i wont be getting my baby baptised.

now if when he is older he decides that he wants to be baptised and and have faith then i will fully support him as id never push my opinions onto him and we will arrange a baptism.

i guess its all about personal choice...

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I'm due in Jan so think I will be getting my little one christened at Easter time. I'm CofE and the warden at my church.

Although I agree that babies and very young children aren't old enough to have their own beliefs yet I do think that christening them is important as a welcoming into the Christian community. It isn't a decleration of the child to walk in the light of Christ at that point but one of the Christian community with the patents and god patents included to guide them in their life and to bring them up to know the lord.

I firmly believe in the old opinion that it takes a whole community to bring up a child in order for them to be a well rounded and good person and for me that includes the Christian community.

Other denominations may have their own ways of doing things which are fine also. The only issue I have is those who have very firm beliefs one way or another and enforce them onto the child whether they believe or not - and I include the non-believers too.

When my little one grows up I will let them make their own mind up on what they want to believe but I will show them the goodness that Christ brings into my life as an example. xx

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I am catholic (non practising) and my son was baptised at 1 years old and I would like this one done at 8 weeks old only for the fact that it was drummed into me at school that unbaptised children go to limbo if anything happens to them (catholic school of course). Also if the child is not baptised it cannot go to the catholic primary school where my son attends. I know it sounds awful but I am mainly doing it for education purposes. Although both my children can decide if they want to make their confirmation which confirms their beliefs into the adult catholic community ( i did not make my confirmation but did make my holy communion as at 7 they dont give you the choice).

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