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For those who wear pantyliners every day

Hey All,

First off....last few days in 2nd Tri for me wohoo!

Second....I just wanted to make a recommendation to those who have to wear pantyliners every day like me sigh. up until now i have been wearing shops own brand standard pantyliners and i always feel gross, smelly and unhygenic. Other day i went to buy some more and saw that 'Always Elvive for sensitive bladders' were half price in sainsburys. They were 1.19 i think for 28 pads and they come in the little pink individual sealed wrappers. They are brilliant. They have odour control and i have really noticed it. I am always paranoid that other people can 'smell' me (sorry TMI) but even when i change it for a new one i can't smell any nasty smells and when i rip open a new one i get a lovely waft of fragrance.

The other good thing is they are wider at the front and thinner at the back making it easier for wearing in my knickers rather than wearing a normal pantyliner further forward and then getting a bit of a rash where the wider back is hanging out the sides of my knickers.

i will be buying these again even if they arent half price.


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Thx for the heads up Im gonna go have a look today to see if they sell them over here.

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im still confused..I might have to have a look but I dont go tot he shops any longer
I just use Carefree cotton fresh dry pantyliners..but I likem better than the always brand becaues they aer too small and dont really stick or smell nice to my knickers.

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i was just reading your posts and its so nice to no that im not the only one that needs to wear a pantyliner, i thought i was turning into a old lady LOL!

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hopefully we will not get to the stage where Tena lady is a must have in the weekly shop, lol

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Hi I've also found these and yes they are great. I think I need to start doing more pelvic floor exercises. The mf said if you can't feel anything when you do them (me) you should definately be doing them x

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