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Mum (Mom)
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Feel dizzy when sitting down?

Does anyone know what this means. Only really noticed it today? Thanks xx

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Mum (Mom)
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Ive been having dizzy spells for the last few weeks now, theyre horrible arent they!?! Iron levels in my blood were slightly below what they should be so my midwife suggested that that could be why, but I know other pregnant women who have had perfect blood iron levels and have had them. Think its because your body's centre of gravity is changing from the extra weight you're carrying! Try not to stand up or move too quickly. Could also be if your blood sugar is low so make sure you're eating properly! Mention it to your midwife if it continues and she may be able to help! Good luck x x x

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I've had this a few times when I stand up, no idea why

I'm seeing the midwife in a week so hopefully she might be able to tell me what it's all about!

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i got this a few times, found it was usually when i was tired so i put it down to that, if they come back to you with anything else would be good to know tho xx

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