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Pain in right hip bone

In the morning when I woke up I had pain in my right hip bone and the skin area above it, it hurt to put my trousers on and then the pain disappeared so I thought nothing of it. Later on I sat down for lunch as I got up I felt the pain again but it disappeared in around 5 minutes. Pretty sure I've been feeling baby moving in the lower middle of my belly throughout the day. But I'm still worried. Wasnt sure whether to ring maternity unit about it or not. If its still here tomorrow definitely will. I don't know if Ive pulled a muscle (is that possible there?) or something, injured it in some way or if its got something to do with baby. The pain felt like a trapped gas kinda pain but worser than what I normally feel when I have trapped gas. I've been feeling that area all day with my hands but it doesnt seem to feel excruciatingly painful. What should I do? Wait till the morning?

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dont know what it is but didnt want to read and run, if it scares you talk to your mw or doctor im sure they can give you an explanation and ease your worries. x x x

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