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why does my niece act like she bloody hates me?

Shes only 1 years old, and she just doesnt seem to like me very much. Shes an identical twin and the other one (my other niece) is fine with me.
I dont think she likes me cause whenever i pick her up or give her a cuddle she will just wriggle away or start having a tantrum, she doesnt do this with anyone else!! However if i ask my other niece for a cuddle etc she will come running over to me and give me one.

It makes me feel shit cause what if my own baby is like that. People have said i will make crap mum and im starting to wonder wether thats true now.

I have a short temper and although i dont shout or show im annoyed with my niece, i am. what if im like that with my own??
I dont know what ive done for her to not like me.
Also when i talk to her she will just stare at me, she wont respond or smile like my other niece does.


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Kids can make u feel inadequate at times. My niece has made me feel insecure at times, like I did when I was at school and people didn't want to be my friend. But just remember at 1 year old they don't know about social things like that. She's not rejecting you. I've had times when my niece and nephew have rejected me but I know they still love me to bits.
You will be your baby's whole world. Don't worry, not only will she need you more than anyone else but she'll have an unbroken bond. Your baby may reject your cuddles at one time or other but don't take it personally, shes not doing it to hurt you, they don't think like that.

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