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People like those women are the reason my parents stopped going to church when I was little and I began to hate christianity more and more with every sunday I went to church with other people because I wanted to keep going. I now of course know that christianity itself isn't bad, it's the people that act that way that give it a bad name.

I am pagan, too, though lately I'm not too sure what I really believe in anymore. I still agree wholeheartedly with the wiccan rede though.

you are definitely a much better person than they and if anyones going to hell for the things they do or don't do, it's them. Good for you for standing up for yourself! I love the car/garage quote too!

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For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20

Maybe if they really knew the Lord and the bible they would notice that YOU DONT NEED TO GO TO CHURCH TO PRAISE THE LORD!

How and when you praise the Lord is your business and not theirs.
Tell them to go jump of a cliff. They seem to just like being drama queens.

God Bless

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Originally Posted by lilwelsh1 View Post
gypsymom, out of all the religions beliefs and faiths i have studied paganism is the one i know least about but it interests me the most. It seems like something i could agree with the most, doing what u feel is right as long as it causes harm to none. I know many people associate paganism with black magick, devil worship and curses which i find rather ignorant. I do love learning about what others believe in its a very interesting subject.
It's an awesome religion, different from wicca (which is still a great religion) in that wicca was started by a man named gardner in the 1950's and what I draw from is much older than that...but yeah. if you ever what to know anything just ask, I can give a crash course in paganism 101 lol

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