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Belly measuring big for 21 wks???

I just had amy 20 wk scan about a week ago. Everything looked perfect the Dr. said. Baby is 12 oz, HB is 140, plenty of fluid and baby very active. I am being watched because of 2 past premie babies. They are also watching because both my babies were small even for premies. Well I went to my reg OB check the other day and they said everything looks good except my belly is measuring big. I asked the Dr if it was because I'm a bigger girl and he said no its the Uterus he was measuring. I was asking why that would happen and he said Could be twins. He wants to wait till my next appt in 4 wks and measure my belly again. If its still big he wants another ultrasound to double check there is not another one in there hiding. There is def only 1 sac so it would be identical twins. What do you think? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks for your advice.

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