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Fatigue at 12 weeks.

I am 12 weeks with my second child and I am always so tired. I cant even force myself to get up in the morning when my husban and daughter get up and I hate it. I get around 10 hours of sleep before they get up and usually have a nap and I dont think I need anymore sleep. I wasnt like this with my first pregnancy. Is something wrong with me? My doctor hasnt said anything but his office is kinda useless.

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hey im 13 weeks and im the same im sooooooo tired i do toss and turn alot at nyt then need a wee then cant get comfy so i put it down to that but i wasnt like it with my first son either...this time i get up then 3 hours later im so tired i need a 2 hour nap again its rediculous lol xxxxx

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It should get better over the next few weeks. I was so knackered in first tri but gradually started to feel more normal by about 14 weeks. Now I can get through a whole day at work normally whereas before I was shattered by mid afternoon. I still have the odd day but otherwise it should get better for you both soon!

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