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Bacteria in urine??? Freaking out!!!

I'm freaking out cause I went into labor last year at 19 weeks 3 days & lost my daughter. I am now 18 +6 & er told me I've got a uti which I do have the symptoms...& they put me on antibiotics.. I seen my ob last Friday & nurse called yesterday saying uti was neg but I do have some bacteria in urine. What??? I don't get what she means.. She said the results for growth culture ain't back yet.. Again I'm confused by growth culture. My thyroid is also still a little high they said. Nurse said dr ain't looked at results yet so she font know what I need to do yet..I'm freaking out & worried about premature labor again. Does anyone know what they mean by bacteria in urine? I've been on antibiotics a week & no improvements.. Actually getting worse. Now I'm itchy down there & having a gooey clear wateryish discharge when I wipe.. On top of having trouble peeing but feel like I gotta constantly & bladder spasms! I'm so stressed out. Has anyone else been through this?

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Sorry I can't really help but with the bacteria and the itching and discharge it could just be a yeast infection (thrush)

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I am going threw the same thing and I am worried last week I went to dr and I told them I was having period type cramps.They did a pelvic exam and he said "you have a raging uti infection" and a yeast infection.He sent me to labor and delivery because babies heartbeat was high and my blood pressure was high.I have been on antibiotics a week this Thursday and I feel like it has gotten worse,I called L&D over the weekend and the gal told me that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better that I should call my dr.I don't know what to do.

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The discharge sounds like thrush but no idea about the rest of it sorry, call your midwife or the hosp you are having the baby at and explain you need answers.

After what you went through last year the Nurse should have given you more detailed info and explained it better. Hope you get the answers you need and they put your mind at rest xx

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sounds like the antibiotic has thrown your natural flora off even more. i would invest in a good probiotic supplement to get your good and bad bacteria back on even terms.

sorry you are going thru this, i can imagine how scared you must be.

i was just diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. i had no symptoms of it whatsoever, it was found during a recent pap test. i am on flagyl and am popping lactobacillus supplements like crazy so i dont throw everything off!


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i had similae at 28wk with mu son..
can understand why your so worried.. i was scared too.. i lost my lil girl at 42wks and anything out of the ordinary scares me
anti biotics helped my Uti hunii (i was having contraction like tightenings with mine, as well as blood and protein in urine) but tablets helped..
they tasted horrible but worked
good luck Babe

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My OB called me and told me I have bacteria in my urine too. I am currently on antibiotics. The culture will tell them what kind of bacteria which means they can likely tell where it came from and then tell you what antibiotics will work to fight that specific bacteria. They take 3-4 days to finalize the culture. Sometimes your urine can become contaiminated and that may be why they said no UTI. And if you are negative for a UTI then the risk for preterm labor from the bacteria isnt really there. The risk is when the bacteria gets to the kidneys. As others said you might have thrush from bing on abx for the past week. I am sure you are very worried but it sounds like they are monitoring it so the risk is much lower!

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anti-biotics can cause a yeast infection when you take them for a long period...that is probably why you feel worse down there... any OTC yeast medication will fix it(my midwife said the 7 day ones work best)... i would get one ASAP!

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Hun, sorry, Thats so scary. Could be you had bacteria in your urine because some vaginal discharge got in the urine sample? If it hurts when you pee, stings, and you have to go frequently yet not much comes out, then it probably is a UTI. If your vagina itches etc(you may also have smelly discolored discharge) then it could be a vaginal infection like bacterial vaginosis and you will need flagyl to clear it up. Like some others have said it could be a yeast infection which itches like no other and usually you will have thicker curdled discharge. I really hope you get it all figured out asap and it clears up with no affect on the pregnancy.

I agree with the person above. If you do take antibiotics for a bacterial infection it could cause a yeast infection(which is fungal) so take probiotics while on antibiotics

Also having a bacterial infection in your vagina can cause weakened membranes over time if its left untreated. So not just a UTI can cause preterm birth. But from what I have read a yeast infection is harmless during pregnancy. But of course you still want to take care of it asap.
Good Luck!

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