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Why do babies kick?

It usually makes me really happy when LO kicks but lately I've been worried that maybe he does it when he's distressed or something as he always seems to when I lie on my back, and I know this is bad so maybe he's kicking in protest?

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I think it's just them stretching their legs and exploring their surroundings.

It's possible that you just feel it more when you're on your back, or that he kicks when you lie down as that's when he wakes up. When you're moving around, the baby gets rocked to sleep but when you stop they wake up, which is why babies often kick more at night when you're trying to sleep!

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Baby kicks and wriggles in the morning when iv'e just woken up and im lying on my back x

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My bubs kicks when I lie on my back too, I love it LOL. It's not distress, they've been kicking us pregnant women for years XXX

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They kick and move to build muscle and bone strength so enjoy your little'un having a work out and getting stronger

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