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Sinus Infection - What should I do?

Have you had a sinus infection?

I am pretty sure that I have a sinus infection. I am not suffering to the point that I need a doctor - but I am considering going to see a doctor.

I seem to be fine during the days, but during the evenings I have a bit of a hard time breathing, I blow my nose a lot, and throughout the night I am blowing dark green brown huge hard chunks out of my nose (So sorry tmi).

Does anyone have any natural remedies OR is there anything unsafe I should know about? In the past I used to breath in steam or medicated steam to help clear out my sinuses, but is this unsafe?

Thanks so much!!!!!

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Hello :-)
I've had this since being pregnant and found inhaling steam helped, having an extra pillow at night helps too as it helps things drain rather than build up in your nose (nice eh?!). In the end I did have to go to the doctors and had antibiotics - took me days to decide to take them because I worried, but the doctor said they were definitely fine to take. Usually if it's green it does mean proper infection so you might need antibiotics, but the steam could help eventually.....
Hope you feel better soon :-) xx

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I had an ear nose and throat doc tell me a few years ago to use a sinus rinse for my season allergies, like a neti-pot. It is about 500 ml of warm saline solution you squirt into your nose and it rinses your sinuses. It is natural and no medications, so safe to use during pregnancy. It works better than any medication I have ever tried when I use it on a regular basis. The system costs about $10 and is OTC in the US. I see a lot of doctors prescribing them for sinus infections in the last couple years too.

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I had a sinus infection about a month ago. Doc gave antibiotics to clear it. Anything really green is a sign of infection so go get checked out. He said u could get high temps from it and that's not good 4 baby. Hope u feel better soon xx

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Hi I saw my doctor with a sinus infection a few weeks ago and as I didn't have a temperature he didn't prescribe anything but he did say the best thing is steam. He also said that increasing fluid intake is very important as you use so much creating the mucus and you want it to be as thin as possible when you get rid of it. I think going to the doctors is a good idea because one persons sinus infection is different to anothers and maybe you will need antibiotics but until you get there steam can really help. Hope you feel better soon!

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I am 14 weeks and I have had a sinus infection "lingering" for the past few days. My doctor said I could take sudafed to reduce the symptoms. I have just been using a saline nose spray and drinking lots of water, no dairy and hot decaf tae before bed. Hope you feel better!

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I had a sinus infection for about 2 weeks you can use a oxymetazoline or xylometazoline nasal spray if it you can't sleep. Hope it helps.

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I thought I had a sinus infection too, but instead (I went to an ENT), I have pregnancy induced allergies and rhinitis. It affects me more at night.

I use a neti pot, a cool mist humidifier RIGHT by my bed, KY jelly up in my nostrils, and if it's really really bad, I'll take a benedryl at bedtime so I can sleep.

If you really think you have an infection, see a doctor.

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Hi hun i have suffered with numerous amounts of sinus infections with this pregnancy going on every month im having them.Mine starts with a slight head cold then my nose blocks so much that after 3 days my head is banging and my eyes are sore and it gets worse i go to the doctor and have Amoxcylin and use sealine spray which is a natural spray unlike all the others that we are not surpossed to use durring pregnancy.

I tried the head over steam with olbas oil but it didnt touch it.

I would go to the doctor if you can breathe at all through both nostrils.And the face that its green is a sign of infection.If your nose was just blocked now and again its probably pregnancy rhinitis which i sufferd with my 1st pregnancy from 30 weeks onwards it was just blocked nose now and then throughout the day.

Hope you feel better soon xx

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Pretty much what they said above!

Increase the amount of water you are drinking as that will prevent you becoming dehydrated, reduce the risk of a fever and can make any mucus less thick (yuk)...

Steam is v good for clearing sinuses. Pour some boiling water in to a bowl, put a tea-towel over your head an d breathe in! Make sure you don't put your nose in the water like I did once though - ouch!

Also, you can massage your sinuses which does help relieve pressure if bunged up... Check out the link

Hope that helps xx

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