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sinus headache help :(

Any suggestions since all the good meds are off limits?

I tried a neti pot too and it didn't help

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I get horrible sinus pain and worse now hayfever has kicked in I have no suggestions sorry but Ill keep reading in case anyone else has!

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They gave me amoxycillin for mine, and it helped. said it was completely safe for baby as they often give it to infants...My doc suggested it as they said the illnesses are harder on babies, so maybe try a mild dose?

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Mum (Mom)
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Hi, My doctor gave me a nasal spray, its at home so if you want the name I can let you know later... He said its absolutley fine to use in pregnancy, but I looked it up on the internet and it said nothing about it being ok to take!! Therefore i have not used it at all.

I went for a facial/ sinus tapping massage last week which really helped.

I am now using 'breathe right' strips when I sleep which really help to eliminate the stuffiness.

I stick an bowl of steam next to me a few times a day

I keep all my windows shut and cover my face when I go out!! The pollen is terrible at the moment.

The sinus pain is relived alot, but I still get that muggy/ heavy feeling which I can't seem to shift.

I have read alot about how stuffiness and congestion can get really bad during pregnancy, but that doesnt help us!

Ooh, one more thing , apparently Sodium chromoglycate nasal sprays are perfectly safe an available over the counter... i'm gonna pop over to the pharmacy and see if they have some :-)

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