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Attacking undertones... kinda long

My sister in law is so bitchy towards every body in the family, and is the only person in my hubbies family that does not like me. so about a week ago me and hubby wanted to take his mother out for dinner and his sister insisted on coming with her load bratty baby so we are all eating and his mother ask me if i am gunna have a natural or epidural, and i said that i wanna have a natural, and his sister looks at me and sees "having a natural does not make you more of a women" and then my mother in law changes the subject real fast to avoid an argument, and then she ask if i was gunna breast feed and i said yes i am. and then my sister in law said "well you know your baby might not latch on" and im really starting to get mad at this point because she totally spoiled the dinner with all her undertones.

AND THEN AFTER ALL THAT, the girl said " just because you are having a healthy pregnancy does not mean you are gunna have a healthy delivery" YOUR BABIES HEART BEAT MIGHT DROP LIKE MINE DID' then she just looked away. and as this girl is saying this, her child is just throwing food all over the place, it even got on the man next to us.

I got up and left the restaurant. by hubby called her a stupid bitch and told her to go find her baby daddy. and we left. and my mother in law was just shocked of her daughter, and my father in law was pissed.

How do I deal with this disgusting person? i mean how do you tell someone that their baby might die just out of the blue? thats gunna be her niece or nephew

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She seems to be EXTREMELY insecure about her own misgivings and shortcomings. That's a tough person to deal with, but I guess I'd say to just try your hardest not to give in to her by getting upset. Anything you say to explain why and what you are doing will go in one of her ears and out the other. I think she's just trying to attack to make herself feel better (typically what attackers do). But don't let her get the best of you or your husband, 'cause then she wins. Instead, keep a smile on your face, and just say, "Oh," anytime she says something ridiculous. Then move on with the conversation. Good luck with her!

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Dont acknowledge anything she says about it. She obviously wants a reaction or just to upset you because she's jealous. Rise above it, she's a complete moron! So sorry you have to deal with her xx

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She sounds nuts and I'm glad you guys left!
I don't know why she said that about the heartbeat dropping, doesn't mean your baby will die though, my baby's HR dropped every contraction...I've know quite a few people that this is happen too. She doesn't sound very smart!

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I'm sorry to hear you had such an awful dinner. She sounds like the type of person who is purposely trying to make you angry, so just ignore her completely. Sounds like she wants to make you feel bad about yourself because she is far from perfect and wants to look that way.

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sorry u have such a horrid person in ur life hun!! my only advise is to keep as far away as possible. and at family do's and stuff just try not talk to her if she starts just walk away! shes a stupid women and needs to grow up! my little boys heart droped badly during labour but i would never ever tell a pregnant women that it could happen to her pregnancy is scary enough without been told horror stories! if something like that was to happen u just get on with it u dnt need to stress over it for the next 4-5month! just ignore her she really isnt worth it.. good luck with it all hun xx

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Oh my how horrible! Clearly she has issues she is needing to work out. Sorry you are the victim of her pain.

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