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how many days do you stay in hospital after a c-section?

As the title says really

I've been told I may need I c-section for 2 seperate reasons, first one being my curveture of the spine I've been reccomended
One right from the get go, I really wanted to avoid this. As the curve in my spine is in an odd place, the chance that I can have the injection
In my back so I can be awake (sorry my minds gone blank to what its called lol) is unlikely so I may have to be put asleep.

And then at my scan yesterday, I was told that my placenta is low and they want to re-scan me at 32 weeks if its still low they will do another scan at 36 weeks. I asked what this meant
And she said its nothing to worry over, but if it hasn't moved it will mean me having to have a c-section

So now the chances of me having a natural birth are getting smaller .

The main reasons I really want to avoid a c-section if I can are:

- if they put me to sleep I won't remember my babies first moment or first cry :'(
- I'm a wimp and scared of hospitals, so that's why I'm wondering how many days will I have to stay in for??

If I can't have a natural birth, its not the end of the world as long as she gets here safely , but I'm scared of staying in hospital

Thankyou xxxx

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well, they cant force you to do anything, so id say research lots and lots. there might be alternate ways of putting an epidural in, different positions you could birth in etc.

I stayed in hospital for a day and a half. They were expecting me to stay for 3 days, but i had tummy upset and needed to be able to use a more private toilet (loo was at end of ward, and it was visiting time) i guess really you can leave as soon as you can cope (walking, showering, toilet, holding baby) you will need someone there to lift the car seat and you wont be able to lift like anything

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My placenta is low-lying too so I have to go back for another scan at 34 weeks. The chances of it staying low and in the way are slim though apparently so hopefully both ours will move up by then

my sis stayed in for 2 nights after an emergency c-section, local anaesthetic, with her first. She was glad of it though as she was able to get a good sleep and practice breast-feeding before she went home.

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depends where you are hun. In Belgium it's 10 days (optional). But my cousin in law in the UK was out after 2 days!!!

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I think they like to keep u in 4 days so its gives u time to recover and not over do it

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I was in for 4 nights with my first and 2 with my 2nd, although they wanted me in for at least 3. This time I really dont want to be in that long and will be asking to leave after 1 night.

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My son was born Friday morning, and I went home on the Sunday night. x

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I was in 5 days with my first and 4 days with my second, but it's up to each individual how well u feel and can cope after major surgery? On my second I had her at 9:30am and was up waking about by 1pm and ready to come home after 3 days :-)

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they are on about a csec with me too hun and im gagging for a natural birth... mines because i have twins and one of them is breech and the other isnt... so if little sod dosnt turn around ( which hopefully he will -- he has pleanty of time lol ) then its a defo csec for me.
the thing that scares me with twins though is that i get one of them out naturally and have to csec the second... i would be MORTIFIED if i had to do that... but i guess when the time comes you dont care about anything but bubs being ok.
could they not give you something other than a spinal block instead of being put to sleep? i would ask for a consultation with the anethatist hun. they can give you all the info you need.. and as for the amount of time you have to stay in i think its usually about 2-3 days providing all went well. id leave the day it happened if i had my way. bloody hate hospitals lol.

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I'm UK and I had him Sunday at 3.28am and was home Tuesday tea time.

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