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Air bubble under my ribs causing pain?

For the past 3 weeks I've had a cramp that shows up under my left breast and it feels like it's under my ribcage. At first I thought it was just bad posture, but my dr seems to think it could be trapped gas or air.

Does that sound right? It's pretty painful-especially by the end of the day. I find that if I lay down for 5-10 minutes on my back that it goes away, but once I'm sitting upright, it typically comes back.

If it is gas/air, is it possible to move it? I was more of the opinion that it my insides getting squashed up because baby is growing.

Any thoughts? Ideas?

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I suffer trapped wind alot,even before I was pregnant but I did have about 10 days of it really bad about six weeks ago.
Yes it's very very painful,but I found peppermint tea bought alot of relief to it,it helps with digestive problems and very soothing on your tummy,it's not very nice to drink but if it helps the pain it's with it.
Hope it helps.xx

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I have it right now, and have had it for the last 4 days. It's so annoying and awful. I don't know how to get rid of it. If it's trapped wind, you could try lying on your back with your knees up. x

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I have a strange numbness below my rib cage. I've had it since around 16 wks or so, and it still keeps coming. Sometimes when I am sitting, i try to rub there, but it doesn't seem to help.

My doc said it could be just muscles stretching, and there is nothing much we can do about it. Sometimes when the baby moves, I feel the area stretching even more. Its not painful, but just a bothersome sensation.

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I've had that type of pain a lot even before pregnant. I believe it's from the discs in my thoracic spine. The nerves that come out of that area go to your rib area. Same as if you had lower back problems that radiate into your legs. If I keep my posture well it doesn't give me too much of a problem

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