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Tonic Water

I just had a glass of tonic water for the first time in ages and i just thought id look it up to see if it was okay for us preggers ladies?!

and its sooooooooo NOT

Found this.
Pregnant women should steer clear of quinine-containing beverages!
BfR believes labelling is needed
The information "contains quinine" is stated on every tonic or bitter lemon beverage. But only few consumers will know why. Even if the enjoyment of quinine-containing beverages is not problematic for most of the population, the consumption of larger amounts can be harmful for some individuals. "Pregnant women, in particular, should refrain from consuming this substance for precautionary reasons", says BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel. People who have been advised against quinine because of a specific clinical picture or an oversensitivity to cinchona alkaloids, should avoid quinine-containing beverages. In order to raise awareness amongst consumers about possible risks, BfR recommends that the previous labelling be extended to include specific information for pregnant women and other specific target groups.


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hayley x
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:O what does this mean? Will it harm a baby cuz I have drank a few bottles (since Ive been pregnant) of bitter lemon. They onli been small bottles and never more than once a week at the very most but Im sooo worried now. xxx

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Oh God,it seems everyday the list gets bigger what we cannot have
I didn't know about this ,thanks xxx

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Is it just in tonic water and bitter lemon,? Is it in fizzy water,coke lemonade too? What can we drink in the pub now? It's bad enough not fancying or being able to have a glass of wine as it is!!!

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Its a pain as I get bad leg cramps and the quinine helps!

We can have fizzy drinks, but should avoid caffine. I am trying to avoid food colourings as well. I had some juice with sunset yellow in it the other day adn OMG the wee one was having a right we rave in my tummy - seems he has inherited my hyperactivity - fabulous!

When larger amounts of quinine are consumed, it can constitute a health problem. BfR sees potential risks in particular for pregnant women. In scientific literature there are reports of “withdrawal symptoms” in the case of a newborn baby whose mother had drunk more than one litre tonic water a day during her pregnancy. 24 hours after the birth, the baby was observed to suffer from nervous tremors. Quinine was detected in its urine. Two months later these symptoms could no longer be observed.

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what did they do in the pisin olden days when they didnt know all this? my mum came out fine! lol x

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I had a few glasses when I was pg with Charlie, and he's fine. I think it's only if you drink litres of it, not just a small glass or bottle.

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I've queried this with my midwife and she told me that it's only if you take quinine in large doses that it's a problem - so if you drink huge amounts of tonic water in one go or take a quinine tablet. Otherwise you should be fine

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