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When does baby turn into head down position?

I have noticed in the last day a different kind of movement, that doesn't feel as strong and is in a different place than before. Bubba has been laying sideways the whole time, and was wondering if this means they have now turned downwards? I wouldn't call it reduced movement, so I'm not really concerned, it just feels different. Any thoughts?

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They continue to move about all over the place for the next few weeks yet. My midwife said that they are supposed to 'assume the position' at around 32 weeks onwards. However my friends baby was still in breech at 35 weeks and had turned by 40. xx

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We went for our 20 week scan yesterday and he was head down. Dunno how often they'll move about, I doubt he'll be like that for the rest of the pregnancy Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful lol.

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